Sambung Rasa Karyawan PT Dian Pandu Pratama 2023

August – September 2023 – In creating a close relationship between employees and the company, PT Dian Pandu Pratama always carries out “Sambung Rasa” activities for employees in customers’ areas in the Kalimantan area. The management journey began in August 2023 to Sangatta, East Kalimantan, where the largest number of manpower is distributed. The trip also continued to several areas such as Balikpapan, Tabang, Melak and Berau.

Not only having a trip to the East Kalimantan area, the management also continued the “Sambung Rasa” program to South Kalimantan areas such as Tanjung, Batu Kajang, Adaro, Rantau and Banjarmasin in September 2023  with several activities: Customer Visit, Sambung Rasa Employees, BNSP Welder Certification with LSP IMABI and Training of Trainer Instructors at the DPP Learning Center.

The Sambung Rasa activity is an annual activity to strengthen an internal organization in basic knowledge about the company as well as crucial information that will be applied from the company to its employees. The employees were also really looking forward to this activity because PT Dian Pandu Pratama officials were present to answer all of the employees’ questions and complaints. This is where communication between employees and management occurs for the great benefit of all employees. This communication helps management to improve services and internal work processes of PT Dian Pandu Pratama exponentially.

With communication, employees’ involvement would feel getting attention to a feeling of remaining in the PT Dian Pandu Pratama organization and continuing to participate in the organization, creating employee’s a commitment which is called normative commitment. With a normative commitment, employee’s endless fidelity to the company is rising and the employee remain and continue their career path at PT Dian Pandu Pratama.

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